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C'est ma vie.

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change. My name is Sara Aurora, But am known as Tiger Lily. Life, Laughter and Love is everything to me in this world we live in. I'm 21 Years old, born and raised a California girl. I am a cuddler, I am a perfectionist, I am Catholic, I am currently in my pajamas, I am currently single, I am very shy around the opposite gender AT FIRST, I can be paranoid at times, I currently regret something that I have said, I like someone, I enjoy country music, I enjoy jazz music, I enjoy smoothies, I enjoy talking on the phone rather than texting, I have a pet, I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” person, I have at least one sibling, I have changed a lot over the past year, I have done something illegal, I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't. I am a mommy to a beautiful boy; Bradley Miles Buckingham-Moreno<3